Founded in 1978, EDCO Eindhoven B.V. is an import/export company. Edco has earned itself a unique position as a global trading corporation which focuses on a large number of target groups, such as large-scale distributors, resellers, chain shops, catalogue merchants, warehouses, and retail shops.

The product portfolio consists of more than 20,000 items, including household goods, electronics, garden, bicycle, sports, seasonal accessories, toys, tools, car/truck accessories, and licensed articles.
The UK headquarters houses a purpose built showroom for prospective clients to visit and look at, in detail, the vast array of products available. The office space is divided between two ends of the showroom on two levels.

Naturally, print devices are positioned on each floor and at each end of the building. Equipment was purchased as and when the business required it, however as the business became more successful print costs escalated highlighting a clear need for a more efficient print solution.

The Print Challenge

The challenge from Edco was to reduce costs whilst maintaining the extremely high level of print capability required in such a busy environment.

From the production of sales materials to invoices, Edco’s print requirement is varied, voluminous and vital. Finding the correct solution was essential for business continuity.

How We Solved It…

We took a very consultative and scientific approach; working closely with the customer we discovered the current volumes, cost and print usage throughout the entire business. When armed with all of the facts we produced a detailed report and were able to conclude that a high functioning, robust multi-function printer supported by a competitive and reliable service contract was the solution.

The End Result…

Since we installed our managed print solution, print volumes have increased by 64%! What is incredibly impressive, and testament to correct product and service specification, is that Edco are printing a huge amount more whilst saving 35% on their previous, lower-volume costs. On a like for like comparison, this is a saving of 60%!

In addition to other efficiencies such as staff productivity due to the equipment being quicker and easier to use, the new equipment also allows for double sided print that reduces both paper and postage costs.