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    How Managed Print Services work

    When it comes to print management, most companies have five simple

    • Cost savings
    • Sustainability—both environmentally and financially
    • Printing from mobile devices
    • Security, governance and compliance
    • Automating paper-based processes

    We’re here to help you to achieve this!

    We’re optimisation experts…

    Our Managed Print Services are a carefully tailored solution designed from the ground up with you in mind. It’s the smart, collaborative way to make office printing, copying, scanning and faxing easier, cost effective and far more efficient.

    We have the experience, skills and tools to support all your office document needs.

    We will work with you to make sure that each of your workgroups has exactly the right technology, support and supplies, allowing your printing infrastructure to become a real business asset.

    What we do

    Lower your print costs

    We help lower costs by:

    • Use of rules based printing to help reduce waste – basic examples of this include:
      • Double sided print
      • Restrict colour printing
      • Restrict print from selected applications – such as Internet
    • Accurate measurement, control and reporting of costs by user, device and
    • Timely supply of consumables
    • Lowering support costs
    • Implementing remote management tools saving both time and cost
    • Enhancing business processes for more cost-effective workflows

    Improve Productivity

    To increase workplace productivity we:

    • Put the right equipment in the right place for faster workflows
    • Have one single point of access to support, maintenance and helpdesk issues
    • Simplify supplies management and collect of meter readings automatically
    • Reduce equipment downtime from automated service and status alerts

    Enhance Security

    • To protect your document security we:
    • Implement multi-layered security to protect your data, documents and network
    • Offer advice on implementing secure workflows
    • Deliver user authentication and other processes to protect confidential information
    • Offer powerful encryption of data as it is transmitted or stored

    Be kinder to the environment

    To help reduce the impact of your business on the environment, we:

    • Reduce your carbon footprint through more efficient printing processes
    • Offer the very latest technologies for lower environmental impact and lower energy consumption
    • Have a national programme for recycling of consumables