Theo’s Food Company

Theos Food Company is a very successful business based in the West Midlands supplying high quality British chicken based food solutions and service packages across a variety of sectors, including retail and education.

Initial consultations discovered the company printer fleet was a diverse collection of photocopiers, printers and fax machines, all of which were purchased and without any service contract provision; a throw away and replace policy had evolved.

The Print Challenge…

Theos to grow and as more print was required more printers were added to the fleet. In this typical scenario the hidden cost of printer ink and consumables continued to escalate. As a result the fleet had grown to include many different types of printers and photocopiers that were not suitable for the type of print and workflow Theos required. The practice was simply to add devices to the company network as the business expanded.

How We Solved It…

To establish the exact hardware requirements we needed to understand how documents were managed throughout the business, how many users required access to print and other functions such as network scanning and a precise account of what the print volume was – the answer was a print audit. A four week audit was conducted; this gave us complete understanding of volume, current expenditure, print hotspots, pinch points and a snapshot of their requirements. The key benefit of the print audit was that our recommendations were based on fact.

The End Result…

Rationalisation was not appropriate, equipment was needed across the business in key locations, however a certain number of single function products could be made redundant and replaced with multifunction machines.
The solution was to supply Theos with a fleet of machines that were supported by a proactive service contract that covered all consumables and parts. By adopting this method Theos save 35% on their previous expenditure whilst also improving the print experience and allowing them to focus of core activities of the business.